‘On Tyranny: Twenty Lessons from the Twentieth Century’ by Timothy Snyder is a book published by Vintage. It’s UK release was celebrated with 20 posters, showing the 20 chapters in full, designed by members of Graphic Design at Kingston University and in house designers at Vintage. 


Lesson 14, ‘To Establish a Private Life’, explored how to avoid tyranny in the age of the internet and how to control your data in order to protect yourself. For our poster, we took this notion of privacy to analog methods of design, using hand rendered typography and a physical design process, away from screens. I think the message of this chapter and of the book in as a whole is really important, especially in the current political climate, which is why I was so excited to take part in the project. 


An article about the posters was featured in The Guardian, with comments from the Author. “Any publication means the transformation of ideas into an object,” The posters are, “in effect a second kind of publication of the book” and with regards to the transformation from his 20 lessons about tyranny into 20 original posters, he said: “I didn’t grasp that until I saw the wonderful posters. This is not so much the promotion of the book as another realisation of it, free of charge in the public space.”