with Lydia Barba

After speaking to a Bexhill local, Tony, we realised that, in the sixties, it was a place ahead of it’s time. We noticed similarities between the town and stills from Stanley Kubrick films, from the same era as Tony mentioned. 


Along with visual aspects of Bexhill itself, especially the De La Warr Pavillion, we used the conversation with Tony to form a visual identity for a film festival of the work of Kubrick. 


Kaleidoscopes were created from lettering made of the titles and stills from the films, to be shown throughout the town to promote the events. The colour palette for the branding was taken from sixties visuals and the kaleidoscopes made are intended for moving image which would be projected in the De La Warr and around the town to promote the festival.


The full posters were made to run along the outside of the pavillion and the vinyl letters taken from the posters are stickers to further spread the branding through the town.