with Charlotte Allen

Berlin is an oxymoron. 


An oxymoron is a figure of speech in which two apparently contradictory terms appear in conjunction. 


Oxymorons exist throughout the city; East and West, Curved and Flat, Straight and Playful. These opposites coexist in Berlin, creating somewhere truly unique. They meet to become one homogonised place, colliding in architecture, design and social ideologies.


This publication is a set of posters, which look at translating this idea into print, creating oxymorons on the printed page using photographs and themes from the city. 


We were influenced by the designers we met at their studios in Berlin and the material qualities, colours and typography have been considered to reflect this. We indulged in this side of the design, in experimenting visually with ‘Berlinesque’ features and using this to create a narrative.