with Rosie Akroyd, Sheona Turnbull, Gemma Hockaday, James McKechnie,
Joe Moreno, Ellie Anthony and Hannah Marine for Amnesty International

Life in a bag, for Amnesty International, was made in response to the current refugee crisis, aiming to both raise awareness for the issue and to collect signatures to combat it. 


We wanted our campaign to connect people, using a physical means of an interactive game and then transforming this into an online film, a digital game and social media presence. 


Using stories from Refugees of what they brought with them when fleeing and what they had to leave behind made us think about what we think is necessity and what is more important. In this case, life and safety. We used this game along with printed leaflets and stickers to collect signatures from the public on the day of the stunt and even though we were concerned about what the responce would be from people, most people were very willing to talk and learn about the fact.  

We made bags with the hashtag #LIFEINABAG using the visual language of the board which we can sell to raise money for amnesty and are looking to design a workshop for schools using the board as a tool to aid learning and start discussion. As a team, we entered the film it into the Creative Concience awards.