My Grandma once described me as professionally interested, in nearly everything - objects, language, people and their quirks, archives and beyond. I love noticing aspects of life that are completely human; how commuters arrange their feet on the tube, the nuances in idioms passed down from grandmother, to mother, to child and the poetry of food dropped and abandoned. Being fascinated by the world beyond design has become the backbone of my practice - which is a constant tension between language and objects. I appreciate language, as a tool and as an output, and I enjoy writing for practicality and pleasure. I use words to document and shape my process, using writing, discussion and questioning. 

I view myself as a collaborator with information sources; my research, politics, charities and organisations. I use the word collaboration, implying an equal partnership between myself and the content. I co-founded the award winning project, 50 Years of Choice with Millie Tyler, which celebrates 50 years since the legalisation of abortion in England through typographic posters designed by women. The tension between language and objects exists within this project though the language of protest and material exploration as a publication, website and exhibition. In doing this I’ve learnt how design can be a great vehicle for change and I look forward to continuing to enjoy my practice and using it for good.

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